Mountain Mutts Dog Hikes....

When walks just aren't enough.

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Syd (my pup) were to speak, I like to think she'd talk most about her romps through woodlands and grass fields, chasing rabbits into sage and ploughing a track for her humans on XC skis. There's no doubt about it, this type of outing is what she lives for--and what I look forward to more than any other service I provide at Mountain Mutts.

Most dogs aren't made for poured concrete slabs, fences, or even their favorite leash. I like to think that the occasional hike is my way of thanking them for the time they've spent waiting for me on the couch.


$25 for a 1 hour hike with 1 dog, $10/additional dog

$35 for a 2 hour hike with 1 dog, $15/additional dog

5 and 10 Hike Packages available. 5 hikes gets 10% off, 10 hikes gets 15% off.

email Amy at "mountainmutts at gmail dot com"