Mountain Mutts offers Group Rates on daily walks!

If you'd like a break on prices, this is definitely the way to go! Here's the trick: It saves me time and money to take care of pets whose homes are close to one another--especially if those pets "play well with others". This allows me to forward some of the savings to my clients in return, and the dogs get the added benefits of increased socialization and extra play-partners (which usually means more exercise and fun for all concerned, myself included).

So call the neighbors! Existing clients are also naturally entitled to the same price breaks if they bring new clients in. And the numbers are simple too--whether you're bringing in new customers or coming along for the ride:

Any 3 (or more!) clients receive 10% off any of my services as long as you're within 1 minute of drive time from one another.

Call me at (801) 910.1191 or email at "mountainmutts at gmail dot com" to talk things over.